One of the most common things that many people consider when buying a tent is space. To them, it appears purchasing a bigger tent is more reasonable than having an average one. But where do you find the best eight person tent today? Surely you need a one-stop shop to know all about an 8-man tent before making any further decision. To make your work easy, I have taken the time to compile all details about the Coleman 8-person tent. In this review, I shall discuss the pros and cons of this tent.

Pros/ Advantages of the Coleman 8-person instant Tent

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  1. Snag-free. One of the many things that make the Coleman 8-person tent pleasant to use is its stress-free setup, thanks to its continuous pole sleeves that are easy to assemble and take apart.
  2. Sunlight access. Another unique feature of this tent is its mesh roof to allow sunlight into the camp. This great feature distinguishes the Coleman 8-person tent from other tents, making it suitable for camping, scouting, and other vacations.
  3. Rainproof windows. The cabin design of this tent is equipped with specially-angled windows that prevent rain from entering the tent even when they are open.
  4. Suitable for campers. If you are going on camping with your family or kids, this tent will enough space to accommodate all of you in one stand, avoiding the unnecessary strain of carrying multiple tents. They are ideal especially for users like scout leaders who would like to camp for extended periods.
    This Coleman 8-man tent has plenty room for at least two queen-sized air mattresses with ample space remaining to move around. In fact, some users have even claimed to they can sneak two extra mattresses in there, and still have more room to walk around.
  5. Easy to set up. Unlike most large tents, the Coleman tent is easy to unpack and install, thereby increasing effectiveness and use of camping time. This instant tent also easy to dismantle and pack, particularly when you are in a hurry, thanks to continuous poles
  6. Carry bag. The tent has a fairly big carry bag with separate porches for poles and stakes, making packing easy and less stressful.
  7. Interior gear pockets. Camping in the Coleman 8-man tent is also fun and easy with interior gear pockets that are easy to find. These interior pockets allow you to keep your tools neatly and safely, thus ensuring your interior is organized and free from clutter.
  8. Insta-clip pole attachments. The Insta-pole attachments poles are quite strong and resistant to winds, keeping your tent standing even during windy seasons.
  9. Protection from sunshine and rain. To protect you from adverse weather, the tent is equipped with a door awning which guarding you against rain and the sunshine.



Just like other tents, the Coleman 8-person tent has its fair share of drawbacks and shortcomings. While this tent is widely believed to accommodate up to eight people, it appears that may not be necessarily true. In general, we can say this tent is suitable for five to six average size people. Other limitations may include;

  • Bulky. When compressed and packed in the carrying bag, this tent tends to be quite heavy, making it unsuitable for backpackers. Thus, you will want to carry it in a car as opposed to transporting it on your back.
  • Carry bag is a bit small. While it is easy to unpack, loading back the tent may be a bit burdensome because you have to do it attentively to ensure it fits properly into the small sized carrying back.

At the end of this article you will have to decide or consider if it is right for your needs. The coleman 8-person instant tent is too big for two but might be too small for 8 persons depending on built and height of the persons using the tent. Then again two persons might like the space that this tent provides since you could fit a queen size bed in it.

No matter how you decide this 8 person tent from Coleman is sturdy and instant setup enough to be purchased knowing you have a good quality product that you can use for camping outdoors.

[product id=”647″]

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