The Coleman Duo and Coleman Quad LED Lantern are very versatile lanterns that can have many uses. But are you trying to decide between the two? Here is my comparison to help you decide on the best lantern for you.

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Coleman Duo and Coleman Quad Compared

Both lanterns are great because they’re like more than one lantern built into one! You can snap off each of the lights to form two lights for the Coleman Duo LED lantern. Four lights for the Coleman Quad LED Lantern. When not using the lights individually, they snap onto the base to create one big lantern, as well as charge on the base. Both lanterns require D-cell batteries.

  • The Coleman Duo LED Lantern lantern requires four, the Coleman Quad LED lantern requires eight.
  • The Coleman Duo LED lantern has a runtime of fifty six hours, the Coleman Quad LED lantern has a runtime of seventy five hours.
  • The Coleman Duo LED lantern weighs 2.94 lbs and the Coleman Quad LED lantern weighs 6.15 lbs.

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Both lanterns run off of LED lights. Are made of red plastic for the case and tough polycarbonate lenses for the lights. The polycarbonate lenses are also diffused to help reduce LED light glare. The LED lights run cool to the touch, so they won’t burn you if you accidentally touch them, even when the lantern has been running for a few hours. They are both also made of lifetime LED lights that will never need replacing.

There are on and off switches on each of the removable panels, as well as on the base, so if the panels are all on the base, you can turn them all off at once. Both lanterns are also weather resistant, so they won’t be ruined if you accidentally leave them out in the rain–but I wouldn’t recommend dropping them in the lake. The panel lights have a foldout foot that allows them to stand independently of the base.

Each panel has six 5mm, white LED lights and have a beam distance of about 8 meters, and puts out about 60 lumens per panel. The base and the removable panels all have their own easy carry handles and all the handles on both lanterns are large enough to accommodate work gloves. If you will be using the lanterns while wearing big gloves.

Should you buy the Coleman Duo or the Coleman Quad?

The price point differences between the two lanterns are minimal (only about a ten dollar difference). The quality of the two lanterns is about the same. So your real decision lies on if you want a double the removable lights for about ten dollars more, or if just two removable lights will work for you.

The Coleman Quad LED lantern would be great for larger families or bigger groups of people, so you can each snap off a light to take with you around the campsite or for those late night restroom trips! For only ten dollars more. I personally would pick the Coleman Quad LED lantern, so I can share the panels with friends and can light up the entire campsite!

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